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New Patient Reviews

It’s my first experience and I’m glad that I got recommended, he really helped me.
-Surma K.

Neurologist said wait for three months to see if the nerve pain settled. If it did not then surgery was indicated. One treatment by Dr. Glen and most pain went away. After several more it is no longer an issue. Now I can use my arm again and highly recommend Dr. Glen to anyone. -Mike C.

I came into the clinic with some very bad back pain. I was treated to a very professional and thorough exam. My pain was completely gone the next day and I felt like a million bucks. Thank you Dr.Thomson. -Mike B.

The overall experience was excellent and the treatment was the best that I have received from a chiropractor thus far. I have already recommended Canada Way Chiropractic to a few colleagues and family members! -Leilah B.

Dr. Glen was very thorough in his assessment and gentle in his approach. I have benefited from chiropractic care over the years in Alberta, Ontario, BC and Australia, and have to say that Dr. Glen is one of the best practitioners I have come across. -Wendy M.