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Burnaby Chiropractor | WHAT TO EXPECT

Walk in For a Free Chat About Chiropractic

Not sure if chiropractic is right for you? Come in for a free 10-minute consultation. We’ll assess your situation and tell you what chiropractic has to offer you.

First Visit to Canada Way Chiropractic and Integrated Health

Your first visit usually lasts for an hour. You’re encouraged to come in 15 minutes early on the initial visit so you can fill out paperwork. The forms tell us about your health history, your chief complaint and your family medical history.

Once the paperwork is done, you’ll be taken to an exam room to discuss your current condition and receive a thorough examination. Afterward, Dr. Thomson will talk to you about your treatment options before giving you your first treatment.

Regular Visits

Regular visits last about 15 minutes. We take you to the treatment room and perform a spine evaluation based on your initial diagnosis. Then you’ll receive chiropractic treatment, a soft tissue modality or laser therapy, depending on your treatment plan. Sometimes you’ll receive some instructions for self-help, do at home exercises between visits.

Frequency of Visits

Ultimately, chiropractic care is about spinal health and good spinal hygiene. We don’t pressure you to visit us regularly. The choice is yours. But just as you experience benefits by going to the dentist more than once in your life, you can benefit from maintaining your health with chiropractic care.

To begin your treatment and start feeling better, schedule an appointment with Burnaby chiropractic today, or come in for your free consultation. (604) 357-3699

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